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Album Reaction: Bookie on Jake Bugg’s Shangri-La

19 year old UK wunder kid Jake Bugg’s follow up to his stunningly good 2012 debut has many familiar qualities.

Bugg’s voice remains honest and vulnerable and his turn of a phrase and quick quip are intact.

Produced by Rick Rubin at his Shargri La studio in Malibu Ca, (thus the name) the record has a rock n rollabilly feel and a country vibe pops up on “Me & You” and the closer “Storm Passes Away”. Standouts include the driving “Messed Up Kids” and “Kingpin” with it’s Smiths “What Difference Does It Make’ riff echoing throughout.

A couple of mid tempo latter day Oasis type wallowers aside, it’s a strong album. A bit musically busy at times, Bugg’s already come out and said he wants to scale it all back and have his next record be a completely solo acoustic effort.

Jake Bugg plays the Sound Academy January 14th.

Watch Bugg’s video for “Slumville Sunrise” below:

Wondering what Jake Bugg is like to see live? Check out his live set from Copenhagen, Denmark.

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