Album Stream: The Wooden Sky – Let’s Be Ready

Stream an advance copy of the band's new record

The Wooden Sky’s new album Let’s be Ready is set to be released next Tuesday, but we’ve got an advance stream to tide you over until you can grab your copy.

Let’s be Ready is the band’s 4th record, and this time around they took a bit of a different approach to writing and recording. In a recent interview with Indie88, frontman Gavin Gardiner explained:

We were trying to do something that was a little bit more indicative of our live show. We’ve been talking within the band a lot about how difficult it is to capture, because it’s not just about what you’re playing, it’s about the energy that’s in the room, and the experience, and the visual cues, and the physical feeling of sound. But with that in mind, we wanted to make something that had the same kind of energy.

The band worked with producer Chris Stringer to help them achieve their goal of capturing that live experience. The process involved creating demos in the studio, and taking those songs out and performing them live, making it clear which parts should stay and what should get cut. The result was a record that was more concise and raw. “I saw The Replacements play at Riot Fest last year,” said Gardiner, “and that was really a turning point in the evolution of the record. Just watching their raw live energy was so exciting. And so we tried to funnel some of that attitude.

The Wooden Sky embarks on a cross-Canada tour including two back-to-back nights at Lee’s Palace in Toronto on Oct. 17/18.

Within the band, we talk often of how ugly the world can be and our responsibility to make something beautiful. And when it comes down to being on tour and playing shows, we’re only in your town for the night so we figure let’s make it a night to remember. That’s where our album title “Let’s be ready” comes from, that need to embrace life and all that you’ve built within it” explains Gardiner.

Let’s be ready. is now available for pre-order on A deluxe version is also available exclusively on and includes one live track and four demo versions of songs off the new record.

You fall in love with the rawness of your original demo and the magic that comes from having nothing to lose; that cracked vocal delivery or out of tune wailing in the background. More than just songs in their infancy, these demos hold something special in them, a snapshot of this music through another lens.