Albums That Almost Broke Up the Band

When the levee almost breaks


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Hanging out in a small room with four-to-five of your best friends creating music sounds like a dream profession, until you’re hanging out in a small room with four-to-five of your best friends creating music, and you all have different opinions on the direction it should go. Here are five albums that almost broke up their band.

Only three albums and under seven years into their career, Foo Fighters almost disbanded after they were under performing in studio and got agitated. It took a spectacular Coachella performance, and scrapping all but one of the demos from that session, for them to realize that they still wanted to be a band. They took a couple weeks and completely redid One by One which Taylor Hawkins calls a rebirth for the band.


After recording and touring Tonight, Franz Ferdinand strongly considered breaking up because they weren’t enjoying playing music anymore. Alex Kapranos even compared it to the likes of a dead-end job with routines and obligations he didn’t like.


BLUR, 13
Damon Albarn was trying to go one way and Graham Coxon another while recording 13 and all their pent up tensions and resentments came to a head. The band was showing up to sessions drunk, or not at all, and when they were there, they were fighting and storming off.


OASIS, What’s the Story Morning Glory
Things got unhinged when Noel Gallagher wanted to sing vocals on either “Wonderwall” or “Don’t Look Back in Anger”. Liam of course looked at it as the first step in a hostile takeover of the band. One thing led to another, they got in a big fight, and recording was suspended for three weeks.


Writing and recording Kid A was a challenging period for Radiohead and especially Thom Yorke who suffered major writer’s block. This would have been the most anticlimactic end to a band as influential and important as Radiohead: they got in an argument over the tracklisting and whether they should release the album as a double or single LP.