Alex Jones’ InfoWars Started Beefing With Portugal. The Man

A "pro-Soros rock band" according to InfoWars

Alaskan band Portugal. The Man are the latest target of the far-right-wing website and newspaper InfoWars. InfoWars, ran by conspiracy theorist and general nutjob Alex Jones, has a problem with the band’s new video for “Feel It Still.”

The article on InfoWars calls Portugal. The Man a “pro-soros rock band” and claims the video is “designed to draw in subversive radicals and the impressionable and hopelessly idealistic alike.”

Sure thing.

They continue by saying the video is “packed with Marxist propaganda.” It’s very InfoWars-y and very hilarious.

Two-thirds of Jones’ income comes from selling “toothpaste and brain pills, bulletproof vests and guns, sleeping pills and potency supplements,” as reported by Spin.