Alexisonfire have “no immediate plans” despite reunion announcement

A .44 caliber love letter straight from the heart.

Alexisonfire fans have been having a bit of a tough go recently, with all of the confusion happening lately with the band’s supposed reunion.

After a headlining set at Riotfest this weekend, things were looking up for fans. The band’s guitarist, Wade told fans, “Thank you for believing in this band when we couldn’t even believe in this band. Thank you for sticking with us. We promise to never leave you again, alright? No more sentimental shit. Alexisonfire is officially back!”

If that doesn’t say “Hey! We’re back! And we’re not going anywhere!” I don’t know what does. But Alexisonfire recently cleared up the not-so-obvious misunderstanding on their Facebook page. They stated that they were back in each others lives, but have no immediate plans to move forward. With having separate careers and families, they can’t quite commit to the full extent that they used to. One Facebook fan put it best: Alexisonfire is back in EACH OTHERS lives, but not really yours. Read the full post below.

It was an unforgettable summer. All of us are extremely grateful to have such loyal and dedicated fans who were willing…

Posted by Alexisonfire on Tuesday, September 22, 2015