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All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants in Toronto

Put on your stretchy pants, Toronto!

We like food, a lot, and sometimes you just need an all-you-can-eat buffet. The prices are right, the food is delicious and you never have to stop eating. Pig out at some of Toronto’s best A.Y.C.E. buffet restaurants.

Copa Cabana | $37.99 – $42.99
The most pricey of them all starts off our list. It’s a full service Brazilian buffet style restaurant that offers more than 20 rodizio grilled meats carved right at your table. Your server will gear you up with a coaster that will indicate whether you want to “fire it up”, or “cool it down”. Experience rodizio complete with traditional Brazilian performances.


Mandarin | $14.99 – $28.99
A buffet list would not be complete without including the Canadian-Chinese fusion restaurant Mandarin. The food is good, the service is good and it’s a buffet. What more could you want? Everyone has a Mandarin favourite.


Korean Grill House | $9.99 – $18.95
A buffet for the DIY types. Korean Grill House has five locations around the city that you can indulge in. A selection of raw food items such as pork, beef, chicken, beef ribs, ox tongue, ox liver, salmon, squid, fish fillet, lamb and shrimp can all be ordered from the buffet menu and cooked by you at your table.


Little India Restaurant | $11.25
Little India Restaurant plays host to a lunch buffet from 11:30am to 3:30pm. The menu changes daily to offer visitors a new food experience with every visit. Complete with both vegetarian and meat options, and an array of spice flavour palettes, Little India Restaurant is a great option for a buffet lunch.


Free Times Café | $19.99
All you can eat brunch! This authentic Jewish brunch happens every Sunday at 10:30am, and another session at 1:15pm. With over 50 different menu items, Free Times Café has been rated the best brunch in the city. Oh, and they also host live music nights.


Hot House Restaurant and Bar | $18.95 – $21.95
Buffet dinner on Wednesday nights (5pm – 9pm) and a buffet brunch on Sundays (9:30am – 3pm) make Hot House Restaurant and Bar the ideal Italian buffet destination. It’s an award-winning restaurant voted specifically for its buffet menus.


California Roll | $12.99 – $20.99
California Roll offers two times of A.Y.C.E., a lunch and dinner sitting. Complete with vegetarian options and spicy options for the more culinary adventurous. Get your grub on at the East York location of this buffet restaurant.

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