Alvvays Share ‘Begrudged Public Service Announcement’ In Response To Alleged Assault At Concert

Band stopped show when fan grabbed Molly Rankin on stage

How is it that we’re in 2018 and people need to be reminded not to sexually assault others? Toronto indie-rock group Alvvays learned the hard way that some of their fans still haven’t caught up with the times when they received complaints of sexual assault at one of their shows.

After their show in San Luis Obispo, California, Alvvays shared a “begrudged public service announcement” to their Instagram reminding folks to stop grabbing people on or off stage without their consent. The band cited the begrudged PSA for “future reference” in the comments, posting the following photo

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The post came in response to an unverfied event at said show where a fan apparently tried to harass singer Molly Rankin on stage. According to Instagram user katalyst_, “some asshat ran up on stage and pushed molly in an attempt to grab the mic and demonstrate how much of a shitbag he was. The show ended there.”

According to another user, the man was handcuffed and taken away by security.

“The guy was hand cuffed right in front of me and all I remember is people booing and I didn’t know what was going on all the way from the back 🙁 It was pretty scary because it really looked like he was on something and the fact that he resisted. It took a good while to restrain him. The only reason I even went to this show was to see Alvvays. This isn’t the first concert I have attended where a male has approached a female artist and tried to forcefully grab or kiss her. I was very understanding and supportive of your decision to leave. I hope you guys decide to give us another chance some day.”

Maybe one day we won’t have to remind people to stop being assholes, but until then please remember that concerts are meant to be safe spaces where people can listen and enjoy music and occasionally buy merch.