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Alyssa Gengos shares video for hazy new single ‘Cheerleader of the Universe’

Alyssa Gengos is back with a video for her new single, “Cheerleader of the Universe.”

The hazy new tune feels like a sort of surreal lullaby. The tune comes packed with dreamy guitars, driven percussion, airy synths, and soft vocals. “Cheerleader of the Universe” comes from Gengos’ forthcoming debut album, Mechanical Sweetness. The accompanying video sees Alyssa Gengos having a day at the beach, singing along as sand slips through her fingers.

“‘Cheerleader of the Universe’ is sort of surreal; it’s a bunch of associated phrases that form a comforting lullaby,” Alyssa Gengos explains. “I think of the Cheerleader as the fairy godmother inside my own head. My grandma was a cheerleader, and so was my mother, and I became one in high school as well. I never really wanted to do that as a kid – I just kinda fell into it because my friends and I decided we’d all do it together. Still, I felt like I was doing some service continuing this cheerleader mythology that my grandma had started.”

Watch the video for “Cheerleader of the Universe” below.

“Now, facing the next chapter of my life, I call upon the Cheerleader of the Universe for guidance,” Gengos adds. “The music video is dreamlike, matching the sentiment of the lyrics. In it, I frolic across a Southern California beach in a dress I sewed myself.”

About Mechanical Sweetness:

In addition to “Cheerleader of the Universe,” Mechanical Sweetness also features the previously released single “Gothenburg English.”

Gengos wrote Mechanical Sweetness throughout the past year amidst the pandemic. At the time, she was having some weird dreams. One that particularly stuck with her was a dream that an old school bully was being kind to her.

“That was a very strange dream for me to have because I don’t think about this person really ever,” Alyssa Gengos adds of the album. “But it reflected to me that I have this really deep desire to be liked”

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