American Horror Story Finally Reveals Season 6 Theme

My Roanoke Nightmare

After months of misleading, ambiguous teasers (26 to be exact), the theme of American Horror Story has finally been revealed in last nights season premiere.

Accustomed to deception, the instalment has tricked us all by finally revealing this season’s motif: American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare.

The premiere kept a little mystery, playing out like an A & E ghost documentary, with a couple describing their horrific experience (Lily Rabe, Andre Holland), while actors are reenacting the events (Sarah Paulson, Cuba Gooding Jr). Fan favourites Evan Peters and Cheyenne Jackson did not appear in the first episode, however their names were included in the end credits, which gives us hope for thee eventual appearance.

The series, usually falling under the horror-science-fiction-drama tier, routinely pulls from real-life historical events. Though sub-plot lines commonly mimic the true events, there’s always some sort of twist involving ghosts, vampires, or Zachary Quinto making skin-lamps out women who remind him of his mother. You know, normal stuff.

It wont be surprising if this season will draw inspiration from the true stories of Roanoke, the North Carolina colony that effectively disappeared without a trace in 1587, but not without adding an expected Horror Story touch.

It still remains unclear how the series fresh structure could change the course of the season, or what exactly the theme entails, but if history repeats itself, all of our questions will be answered soon.

Watch the official trailer below.