American Writer Can’t Figure Out Canadian Road Signs

“What in the name of Rob Ford were the road signs trying to tell us?”

Ty Burr, a writer for The Boston Globe, was on a road trip with his wife through our Eastern provinces when he started to notice things he couldn’t understand: our road signs.

Though he gives us our props for having such a gorgeous country, he had endless trouble trying to figure out what our confusing road signs were trying to say… and we don’t blame him. Instead, Burr and his wife “did what any sensible tourist would do… we made stuff up.”

While he acknowledges that New Brunswick’s signs aren’t necessarily done wrong, he admits that they require a “cognitive leap” of which “American sensibilities are incapable.” Check out some highlights from his article below:


I understand that all available lodgings are booked, but you are welcome to stay in my hayloft for $250 Canadian.
What it really means: Agri-tourism


Beaver in utero ahead
What it really means: Parks Canada


Please direct your attention over here. The moose is about to speak.
What it really means: Moose crossing


A man is dreaming about being an egg. Or an egg is dreaming about being a man. Which came first? Philosophical quandaries addressed at the Inter-Province Deconstruction Centre, 2 km.
What it really means: Bed and breakfast nearby


Should you happen to die during your visit to Canada, we will ship your remains home in a decorative urn made by one of our many talented local artisans.
What it really means: Local artisans nearby

The puzzling signs have started to go viral, even generating a Buzzfeed story.

Check out his full Boston Globe column, Do you speak Canadian road sign?, here.