Amy Cole Rejoins Rural Alberta Advantage

Cole returns to group after 2016 departure

The Rural Alberta Advatnage announced today that Amy Cole will be reprising her position in the band as vocalist and keyboard player.

Cole departed from the group in 2016 and was replaced by Robin Hatch shortly after. Together, vocalist / guitar player Nils Edenloff, drummer Paul Banwatt and Hatch went on to write and record their most recent album The Wild.

In an post to social media today, the band announced Cole would be rejoining the band, and thanking Robin Hatch for her time in the beloved prairie-based rock group. In a recent interview with Indie88, Banwatt praised Hatch for her part in moving the band to a new direction.

“Robin’s been a friend for a long time and is just an unbelievable musician and creative force. She’s helped push us in new directions, and her voice and musicianship is really apparent in our new material.”

The Rural Alberta Advantage are about to embark on an European tour. Check out their performance of “Brother” in the Collective Arts Black Box below: