Amy Winehouse’s Final Recordings Were Destroyed on Purpose

Amy's last tracks will never see the light of day

Weeks before Amy Winehouse’s death, the late mega star had just finished recording demos for her third studio album which she was planning on releasing. We will never get to hear those tracks however, since chairman/CEO of Amy Winehouse’s label (Universal Music) David Joseph destroyed them.

In an interview with Billboard, he told them “it was a moral thing”. “Taking a stem or a vocal is not something that would ever happen on my watch. It now can’t happen on anyone else’s.”

With the resurgence of attention coming from the Amy documentary, many have wondered if there would be new music released along side the movie. Unfortunately for us, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, which was a collection of unreleased tracks that came out months after her death, will most likely be the last we’ll ever hear from Amy Winehouse.

A number of people who worked with Winehouse, including Mark Ronson and others like Sam Smith have been reflecting on her in the same Billboard article for the release of the documentary that comes out today.

(Photo Courtesy of Andrew Stawarz via Flickr)