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Amyl and the Sniffers hone their rowdy sound on sophomore album ‘Comfort To Me’

Amyl & The Sniffers have shared their highly anticipated sophomore album, Comfort To Me.

The new album sees the Melbourne punk rockers truly honing their sound. Due to the pandemic, Amyl & The Sniffers weren’t able to go out on the road, so it gave them time to truly cement their signature sound. While still channeling the fury of their self-titled debut, on Comfort To Me, they refine that sound.

From the propulsive “Hertz” to the raucous “Security,” you’ll find yourself thrashing around for the entire 13 tracks. On “Choices,” frontwoman Amy Taylor yells at men that refuse to respect women’s boundaries. “My choice, my own! My voice, my own! My body, my own!” Taylor wails anthemically.

Stream Comfort To Me below.

“The nihilistic, live in the moment, positivity and panel beater rock-meets-shed show punk was still there, but it was better,” Taylor explains. “The whole thing was less spontaneous and more darkly considered.”

Comfort To Me features previously released singles like “Hertz,” “Security,” and “Guided by Angels.”

Taylor further explains:

“The amount of time and thought I put into the lyrics for this album is completely different from the EPs, and even the first record. Half of the lyrics were written during the AUstralian bushfire season, when we were already wearing masks to protect ourselves from the smoke in the air. And then when the pandemic hit, our options were the same as everyone: go find a day job and work in intense conditions or sit at home and drown in introspection. I fell into the latter category. I had all this energy inside of me and nowhere to put it, because I couldn’t perform, and it had a hectic effect on my brain. My brain evolved and warped and my way of thinking about the world completely changed.”

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