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An immersive Monet exhibition is coming to Toronto

First it was the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit last summer, and now Toronto is set to get an immersive exhibit of painter Claude Monet’s work.

Beyond Monet: The Immersive Experience will be a large-scale digital experience, similar to that of the Van Gogh exhibit, that brings the French impressionist artist’s paintings to life using projections with music and sound effects.

“Guests can become one with the paintings as projections of Monet’s pieces swirl around, transforming the space into an ethereal representation of his life’s work,” a description on the website explains. “His artwork expands beyond the framed canvases through music, sound effects and scenography that will awaken the senses and create a captivating atmosphere.”

The exhibit is set to take over the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and just like with Immersive Van Gogh, ticket entries will be times with social distancing in effect and masks required in the building.

While dates for the event have yet to be announced, you can register for early access tickets here.

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