An inquest into death of Radiohead drum tech Scott Johnson has opened in Toronto today

The drum tech was killed during a stage collapse at Toronto's Downsview Park

An inquest has opened into the death of Radiohead drum tech Scott Johnson, who was killed tragically during the setup for the final concert of Radiohead’s 2012 North American tour at Toronto’s Downsview Park when the roof of the temporary stage collapsed.

The 33-year-old, who had worked with several touring artists, was the only one killed, while three other Radiohead crew members were injured. In 2013, Ontario’s Ministry of Labour put forward legal charges against Live Nation, engineer Domenic Cugliari, and scaffolding company Optex Staging and Services through Ontario’s Health and Safety Act.

Live Nation denied any wrongdoing, and in 2017, the charges were “stayed” because the proceedings took far too long to make it to trial.

Now, according to CTV, a new inquest is set to begin today, which is expected to last three weeks long as they hear from 25 witnesses and look into the cause of Johnson’s death. While the jury will not be able to assign any blame, they will be able to make recommendations in an effort to prevent similar accidents in the future.

In July, Radiohead came to Toronto where they spoke out against the incident, calling for action and holding a moment of silence. “We wanted to do a show in Toronto, the stage collapsed, killing one of our colleagues and friends,” frontman Thom Yorke explained at the show. “The people who should be held accountable are still not being held accountable in your city. The silence is fucking deafening.”
Lead photo courtesy of Daniele Dalledonne.