An Ontario boy called 911 after getting snow pants as a Christmas gift

'9-1-1, what's your emergency?'

Ontario Provincial Police have announced that a seven-year-old boy called 911 over the holidays to report his dissatisfaction after getting snow pants as a Christmas gift.

According to Sgt. Kerry Schmidt, the boy called in at about 8:00 am on Tuesday to make his complaint. There wasn’t an actual emergency at the boy’s home, and according to Schmidt, the boy was spoken to about calling 911 for emergencies only.

Schmidt urges that resources from first responders need to be used for real emergencies, and that non-urgent incidents slow down response times. “If the person hangs up, we have to follow up on the person and go and track them down,” Schmidt said according to CBC News. “We have to treat every call as an emergency.”

So, although it may suck to get snow pants for Christmas, make sure to reserve your complaints for your friends and family, not 911.