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Andrew Shaver and Eva Foote share debut single as Clever Hopes ‘Made You Mad’

Andrew Shaver and Eva Foote have shared their debut single as Clever Hopes, “Made You Mad.”

The track was produced by Matthew Barber and comes from their debut album, Artefact, out in 2022. With upbeat instrumentals and stunning harmonies, this uplifting track is definitely a must-listen. The song is all about how it will be okay in the end, even if what’s going wrong in your life is your fault.

“With a tip of its cap to the great rock duets that gave it life, ‘Made You Mad’ is the phoenix that soars out of love’s fiery demise,” Clever Hopes explain. “A reminder that, even when it is your fault, it’s going to be ok. It’s the kind of broken-hearted love song that might come too late to fix it, but just in time to try again.”

Listen to “Made You Mad” below.

On August 26th, Clever Hopes shared a teaser track called “Artefact” alongside a visualizer for the tune. Revisit “Artefact” here.

A few years back, Andrew Shaver directed the musical Once in Montreal. In the musical, Eva Foote starred as the female lead, “Girl.” Every night after the show, the team would drink whiskey and play songs in the dressing rooms. There, Clever Hopes was formed back in 2019.

The band’s name comes from a W.H. Auden poem.

If you like Ocie Elliott, Whitehorse, or Cat Clyde & Jeremie Albino, then Clever Hopes is the band for you.

Lead photo courtesy of Kyle Gatehouse.

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