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Angel Olsen returns with devastating, vulnerable new album ‘Big Time’

Angel Olsen is back with her vulnerable new album, Big Time.

Mixed with co-producer Jonathan Wilson, the new record was written as Olsen was coming out as queer. “Some experiences just make you feel as though you’re 5 years old, no matter how wise or adult you think you are,” Olsen explains of coming out to her parents. “Finally, at the ripe age of 34, I was free to be me.”

Her father passed away just a few days later, and Olsen ended up introducing her partner to her family for the first time at his funeral. Just two weeks later, her mother ended up in the ER and soon passed away. A few weeks after the second funeral, Olsen headed to the studio to make Big Time. These devastating, traumatic events serve as the foundation for the new record.

Stream Big Time below.

The 10-track album is packed with melancholic tales and emotional clarity. Throughout the album, Olsen looks into the face of trauma and responds with wisdom. There are also some pretty tender moments on the record, as Olsen sings of intimate moments in her relationship. On “Right Now,” she refuses to hide, delivering lines like, “All those times are gone/ I’m telling you right now.”

Big Time features previously released singles “All The Good Times,” the title track, and “Through The Fires.”

Across the record, Olsen dives into more of a country sound. Ultimately, she moves from the grand, orchestral sounds of All Mirrors into the twangy, plodding sounds of Big Time. All-in-all, the record is a symbol of clarity for Olsen, as closes with lines like, “I ain’t the past coming back to haunt you/ I’m telling you right now.”

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