Animal Collective to score forthcoming Soundcloud rapper documentary ‘Crestone’

'Credstone' is set for release on February 16, 2021

Animal Collective is set to score a forthcoming documentary about Soundcloud rappers called Crestone.

The Marnie Ellen Hertzler-directed film “follows a group of SoundCloud rappers who live in solitude, growing weed and making music for the internet,” a press release reveals. “When an old friend arrives to make a movie, reality and fiction begin to blur.”

“Living in the Sonoran Desert in the early 00’s had a long-lasting and profound effect on me, especially after multiple years in New York City,” Brian “Geologist” Weitz explains. “Since then I’ve had a vague idea for a sound that would reflect that experience, but no project ever led me to it. The images, sounds, stories, and structures created and documented in Crestone finally did. Many thanks to Marnie, her crew, Dead God, the land, and as always, my brother Josh for the inspiration and opportunity to work on this project.”

Watch the trailer for Crestone below.