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12 Pictures Of Animals That Look Like People That’ll Make You Do A Double Take

These Pictures Of Animals That Look Like People Will Have You Doing A Double Take

This is one post that’s sure to lighten your mood. A few weeks back we posted about dogs with mullets that could easily win your heart. Now, let’s take a look at some animals that look like people.

Pointing out and making fun of celebrity doppelgängers is so fun. When you first hear about it, you’re kinda like ‘yeah right, sure that dog looks like Ron Perlman’. Then, however, you see the photo, and something clicks. A recognition dawns on you.

That dog does look like Ron Perlman.

Image: @chellhouse1000 on Instagram

This is the same feeling you get with Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, and even Harrison Ford. These dogs have been scouted from all over the world, and they look like very specific celebrities.

See if you can spot the similarities for yourself.

Oh, and check out this other dog that looks like Ron Perlman.

animals that look like people
Image: @chellhouse1000 on Instagram

People Who Look Like Animals

We want to be clear that we mean no offence at all in highlighting the fact that these people look like animals. In fact, we think it’s a compliment.

  1. Snoop Dogg Dog-Dog

This looks like Jenna Marbles and her dog Kermit. Wait. It is Jenna Marbles and her dog Kermit. Who happens to look just like Snoop Dogg. How fortuitous.

Image: @chellhouse1000 on Instagram

2. Those Eyes

Not only are the eyes the same colour, but they’re also kinda squished together the same way and the smile is bang-on. Doggelgänger.

Image: @chellhouse1000 on Instagram

3. Fluffy and nonchalant

I am starting to wonder if these are photoshopped. That subtle up-turn of the dogs mouth? The crooked eyes? It’s almost too good.

Image: @chellhouse1000 on Instagram

4. What the heck kind of dog is this?

Ok now I’m almost positive that some of these are digitally enhanced. When it comes to animals that look like people, this seems the most uncanny. And potentially the most contrived.

Image: @chellhouse1000 on Instagram

5. Snoop Doggy Fog

I love it. This dog looks like he was just blazing a fat joint before a fancy dinner… just like that happy ol’ Snoop.

Image: @chellhouse1000 on Instagram

6. That poof though

Never watched the show, but I totally recognize that hair poof. Both are commendable but I really acknowledge that pink bow tie. It hits.

Image: @chellhouse1000 on Instagram

7. Yet another…

I know you’ve probably seen a million memes about Donald Trump’s hair, but here’s another one. And it’s accurate.

animals that look like people
Image: @chellhouse1000 on Instagram

Animals That Look Like Celebrities

8. Who nose?

The line of the mouth. The set of the eyes. And the way the nose kinda slides down the face like that… this monkey looks like Adrian Brody for sure.

Image: @chellhouse1000 on Instagram

9. Grumpy dog

This is the grumpiest dog I’ve seen today. Sam Jackson also looks quite grumpy in his role as Stephen in Django. This pic = doggelgänger.

Image: @chellhouse1000 on Instagram

10. I mean…

Didn’t know who this was (it’s Peyton Manning) but he sure looks like this dog. It’s funny, isn’t it? How our mind makes the connection…

Image: @chellhouse1000 on Instagram

11. Uncanny

The horns, the tongue, and even the spaced-apart eyes. This giraffe looks like Miley. She should write a song about it.

Image: @chellhouse1000 on Instagram

12. Happy Llama

This llama looks just as happy as the Dalai Lama. Happy Lama, meet Dalai Lama.

Image: @chellhouse1000 on Instagram

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