Another festival failed just as badly as Fyre Festival

People lose thousands of dollars after Vestiville cancellation

A luxurious three-day music festival in Lommel, Belgium turned out to be a hoax after crowds found nothing but mayhem upon their arrival.

Attendees paid thousands of dollars for tickets, flights, and accommodations after being enticed by promo videos and event teasers for Vestiville. The concert had a fire lineup with big name artists like A$AP Rocky, Cardi B, Migos, Future, Meek Mill, and Ja Rule. After arriving to a cancelled festival, concert goers took to twitter.

The festivals’ main stage was incomplete, as it lacked proper emergency exits and functioning medical stations, among other essential features. A$AP Rocky announced he would not be performing at the festival due to “security and infrastructure concerns”

The campsite remained open, but there was no food or water available to its guests. Furthermore, chaos ensued after there was a lack of communication, organization, and preparation, leaving attendees stranded. Police forces waited with dogs preventing fans from leaving, rather than creating a safe exit strategy. The entire event was unsafe and messy for everyone on site.

Many people related the incident to 2017’s Fyre Festival, a luxurious music festival set on a Bahamian island that did not happen.