Anthony Kiedis saves choking baby in outtake of Carpool Karaoke

"No hero. It was just a dance off."

By now news of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon has surely flooded your newsfeed. Turns out theres a little more to that story than some cheeky banter and a spontaneous wrestling match.

Anthony Kiedis shared a little more at his visit with England’s RadioX on Thursday. Kiedis told host Chris Moyles a story of how after a spontaneous dance off that didn’t make Cordon’s final cut, he was called into action by a woman whose baby was choking. The woman ran into the street holding her baby and looking for help. He went over and scooped up the baby attempting infant CPR in order to help save her. By rubbing her belly he managed to allow the air to re-enter her lungs just as the ambulance arrived.

You can hear Kiedis tell the story himself in the interview below. We’ve also added the original carpool karaoke video just in case you happened to miss it.

Photo: Artist’s Website