Apparently Riding a Hobbyhorse is a Real Sport in Scandinavia

A bizarre new sport is surfacing in Finland

In other news, a bizarre new sport involving straddling a toy hobbyhorse has arisen in Scandinavia, particularly in Finland.

The sport, which involves mounting a toy horse and riding it as if it were a real horse, is showcased in front of actual judges that apparently judge the way you present yourself on the hobbyhorse. As a hobbyhorse rider, you’re expected to jump over obstacles and even trudge through rivers and streams, as real horses are expected to do.

We initially thought this had to be a late April Fool's prank. It's not.

Watch the entire clip: and the official trailer for a doco Hobbyhorse Revolution is here on Youtube:

Posted by 1 NEWS on Sunday, April 2, 2017