Apple adds gender neutral emojis in new iOS update

The new iOS adds 398 new emojis

Apple has added gender neutral emojis in their new iOS update. According to online emoji library Emojipedia, iOS 13.2 adds a whopping 398 new emojis to the mix.

Additionally, Apple has modified 265 existing emojis, featuring 255 emojis presented in “a more gender-neutral fashion.” Emojipedia notes that the changes are “more consistent” with how non-profit organization Unicode Consortium, which chooses the new emojis that will be released, defines “person-focused emojis that do not specifically cite a gender.”

On top of the new emojis mentioned above, there will be 67 new “accessibility-focused” characters, mixed-race and mixed-gender couples, on top of eight new animals, a falafel plate, and more!

Check out the new emojis below.