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Introducing the Apple EarSmokes…Sorry, AirPods

As surely you’ve seen by now, Apple introduced their new wireless earphones at last week’s keynote. The $160 ‘AirPods’ is the company’s solution to the newly redesigned iPhone 7 that has omitted the beloved headphone jack — or aux plug as it’s so commonly referred to.

Despite the company’s technological achievements, the internet was quick to point out something Apple’s design team may have overlooked: they look like teensy limp cigarettes sticking out of people ears.

No doubt in a couple months, enough die-hard apple fans will have these bad boys that they won’t look weird, but in the meantime, I haven’t exactly warmed up to the idea of walking around Queen street looking like I have bent Q-tips stuck in my ears.

But hey, you never know — people thought the iPad was weird when it first came out. It’s all about being “having courage” as marketing chief Phil Schiller said at the Keynote.

Fortunately for us looking to fill our ears with some sweet new tech, Apple is also selling wired EarPods that connect through the lightning port. Or you can just not buy an iPhone and continue your lives the same.

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