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Apple Files Technology Patent That Could Stop Concert Recording

Apple recently filed and was approved for a technology patent that would prevent concertgoers from recording live performances.

The patent was approved on Tuesday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. However, it is important to note that large companies like Apple file for patents all the time without necessarily developing the software. This just means that they own the rights to the idea.

The technology is explained in the patent form:

“An infrared emitter can be located in areas where picture or video capture is prohibited, and the emitter can generate infrared signals with encoded data that includes commands to disable the recording functions of devices. An electronic device can then receive the infrared signals, decode the data and temporarily disable the device’s recording function based on the command.”


(Photo courtesy United States Patent and Trademark Office)


In other words, Apple could create a device for artists and venues to put on stage that would send infrared data at the audience members phones, disabling their cameras when pointed towards stage. This idea was brought to light at the urging of many artists and comedians who fear that live recordings could lower the attendance at their live shows. They fear that people will start increasingly turning to YouTube rather than go to the concerts in person. 

One would think that watching a concert on tiny screen on YouTube is a far different experience than attending a concert in person. An experience not quite replicable by a camera phone. An alternative is reading out concert etiquette.

Apple has yet to release any official comments on the patent.  

Image courtesy messicanbeer via Flickr

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