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Apple Music has 6.5 million subscribers, 3 million less than Spotify

Apple Music has announced that 6.5 million users opted to continue their paid subscription after completing the three-month free trial.

The company’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that 6.5 million users committed to the monthly payments, while there are 8.5 million still listening for free.

“I think it’s fabulous, and to have over 15 million on there, and 6.5 million in the paid category, I’m really happy about it. And I think the runway here is really good,” the CEO said at the California launch (according to CNET).

The service was made available in June, and is now the second most popular streaming service next to Spotify, which has 20 million users worldwide.


Mark Mulligan, a research analyst from MIDiA predicted that a portion of the 6.5 million paying for the service simply forgot to cancel their subscription, which is a common mistake.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Apple’s producer Jimmy Iovine criticized Spotify and their ‘freemium’ streaming service.

“We have a problem in the industry, I believe,” said Iovine. “This whole ‘free’ issue. The television industry doesn’t have it, the movie industry doesn’t have it, but the record industry has it.”

“In my personal opinion – this is not Apple’s opinion – free is a real issue,” the CEO added. “You have to build a service in order to get over ‘free’. This whole thing about ‘freemium’, maybe at one time we needed it, but right now, to me, it’s a shell game. What these companies are doing is building the old-school traffic.”

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