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Go Apple Picking In Toronto If You Are Looking For Something Fun To Do This Weekend

Apple Season Is Back And We’re Living It Up!

Looking for something autumn-y to do this weekend outside? Why not go apple picking in Toronto? It’s so much fun for the whole family, and also a great opportunity to take some fall pictures you’ll be able to keep forever.

Toronto apple picking is just getting into prime season. Add it to your to-do list, and use this post as your guide to the best apple orchards Ontario has to offer.

Quick Tips For Picking The Juiciest Apples

Apple Picking In Toronto
Image: @stephy13871 on Instagram

If you’re looking for the apples that squirt apple juice all over your chin when you take your first bite, you’re not alone. To pick the juiciest, best apples ever, you’ll want to choose firm apples that don’t have any bruises.

Once you’ve decided on the fruit you’re going to pick, you’ll want to cup the apple in the palm of your hand, and twist gently. The fruit should easily come off the tree. If it doesn’t, then you may want to leave it for a little bit longer.

A general rule of thumb is that apples are ready to pick once the apple seeds have turned brown. If you’re apple picking in Toronto, you don’t really have to worry about that, because if the farms are open… the apples are ready.

When plucking the your apple off the tree, keep in mind the “eye to the sky” method. The bottom of the apple is considered the “eye”. Turn it upwards towards the sky and that’s the best way to pick the juiciest apples!

Keep in mind pulling downwards could shake other apples off the tree and onto the ground, and that’s not what you want.

Our 5 Favourite Places To Go Apple Picking In Toronto

1) Pingle’s Farm Market

Apple Picking In Toronto
Image: @joelleanello on Instagram

A fun and inspired destination for apple picking farms in Toronto, Pingles’ Farm Market also has a year-round market and an annual festival. This is a perfect farm to visit with your family… although you may want to try and go during less busy times.

Truth is, Pingle’s is so popular, it can get really busy. While this is a plus because– well obviously they have a good thing going – you may want a more quiet experience. In that case, opt for weekdays and stay away from long weekends.

This is one of the most gorgeous apple orchards Toronto has… enjoy it and take lots of pictures!

2) Albion Orchards

Image: @albion_orchards on Instagram

There’s something really special about Albion Orchards. In fact, both Chatelain magazine and The Food Network have featured this Toronto orchard as one of the top four apple orchards in Canada!

In addition to being a famous farm, they also have famous apples too. Albion’s Paula Red apples kick off the orchard season in September. Then, come October, apple season is in full swing. Enjoy the pick-your-own options on a first-come, first-served basis… so in other words show up early!

3) Downey’s Strawberry and Apple Farm

Apple Picking In Toronto
Image: @downeysapplefarm on Instagram

This you-pick apple orchard is a pleasure for all ages. With tons of options for the kids, and lots of drinks to try for the adults. Downey’s Farm is connected to Downey’s Farm Market & Winery across the street, which provides some great snacks and wine for post apple-picking.

With more than 1,000 productive trees on the farm, there’s lots of apples to pick from. Guests have the choice of picking a 10lb bag of apples for $25, or a 20lb bag of apples for $40.

Either way, you’ll have fruit for all of your pies and applesauce for days from this beautiful orchard near Toronto.

4) Archibald’s Orchards & Estate Winery

Apple Picking In Toronto
Image: @sydneycassia_ on Instagram

A super fun place to spend an afternoon, Archibald’s Orchards has great apple picking, and the store sells both yummy and unique items. You can get pies, fresh cider, home-made condiments, crafts, and even wine at the market. The staff are really friendly, and help you have that true apple picking farms experience.

Keep in mind that this farm charges a bit more than the others, and easily justifies it with all their special treats and experiences. Get some non-alcoholic cider for the kids, and take some specialty cheeses home with you… which all pair well with apples, of course.

5) Brooks Farms

Apple Picking In Toronto
Image: @clairetala on Instagram

Little kids have lots to do at Brooks Farms, including a train ride, corn maze, zip line, sand boxes, and even a pumpkin cannon. If you’re looking for a blast for the whole family, you’ll find it at Brooks Farms.

The market has lots of pies and treats, and the Honeycrisp apples from Brooks Farms are incredible. Make sure to check in with their website before you go, that way you’ll have up-to-date info on what varieties are available, and what events will be featured.

How To Get The Most Of Your Apple Picking Excursion

What To Wear

Let’s be honest, there are two reasons you want to consider what to wear when you’re apple picking in Toronto:

  1. Form
  2. Function

As a prime Instagram opportunity, apple picking has a certain “look” to it that you can consider if you’re wanting some quintessential fall pics for your feed. We found this InStyle article that will guide you through the look, and give you applicable, affordable style tips for apple picking.

As for function, make sure to wear something that is durable, and avoid high heels as they will sink into the ground of the orchard. Comfortable pants come in many forms, and we recommend choosing a pair that won’t get dirty too easily, as you are on a farm and mingling among trees.

If you’re really getting into it, you can wear a pair of gardening gloves, and if the sun is out, you can also wear a hat. It seems, however, that in most cases online, people are more concerned with the cuteness of their apple picking outfit than they are with the functionality it has for picking the apples.

Best Time To Pick Apples

Mid-September marks the peak of apple-picking season in Ontario. This is also the time when one of the fan favourites are ripe for the picking: The Honeycrisp. These ridiculously delicious apples are usually ready mid to late September in Ontario.

Technically, the apple-picking season extends into October and even November. However, you’ll find the best fruit from your labour will come from the September crops.

Feel free to give any of these orchards a call if you want details on their picking options and times. They’re always happy to help, and to encourage more people to get outside to do some apple picking in Ontario.

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