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Apple Releases iPhone X Details

Apple has finally released full details on the new iPhone, known as the iPhone X and pronounced “iPhone 10.”

The new device will feature an edge-to-edge screen and “surgical grade” stainless steal around the sides.

The iPhone X has the highest ever pixel density display in an iPhone, which is being called Super Retina display by Apple, and the phone will feature the first OLED display on an iPhone, compared to the usual LCD screen (although Samsung has been using OLED display for years). Most likely none of this will matter to you, but it buys Apple plenty of bragging rights.

Finally, say goodbye to the Home Button for good! This feature will be replaced with a swipe up from the bottom of the screen. No Home Button also means no fingerprint ID — Apple is replacing it with Face ID in the new model, which means exactly what you think it means: you will be able to unlock your phone with your face. Welcome to the future.

If you would like to purchase this new device, it will be available to Canadians at — I hope you’re sitting down — a starting price of $1,319.

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