You Can Finally Delete Those Useless Apple Apps off Your iPhone

iOS 10's greatest feature.

If you have an iPhone, and like those of us who’ve had one for a couple years (that’s not a brag) you’ve mostly likely thought to yourself at one point “How the hell do I get rid of these annoying apps that come stock?

Stocks? Compass? Tips? When are these even going to come in handy? Chances are you’ve been forced to compiled them into a handy little folder on the last page of your iPhone like this.


Good news is Apple released iOS 10 today, and with it, the option to delete any of those useless apps.

Before you get to updating, make sure you back up your phone first, either on iTunes, or via iCloud.

Then go ahead and update your iOS through Settings > General > Software Update and Install.

From there, click and hold on the app you don’t want until it starts to wiggle, tap the X, and voila! Bye forever.


The new iOS comes with a slew of other cool features including a major overhaul to iMessage, handwritten notes, disappearing messages (yes, for those kinds of photos), predictive emojis and more. For full details check out Apple’s website.