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Apple’s ‘Night Shift’ Might Give iOS Users A Better Night Sleep

If you’re like most millennials, your iPhone is the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before you sleep. And while yes, that’s not ideal, — it’s the reality we live in.

The problem about looking at our smartphones before we sleep (phone addiction aside), is that those tiny little blue screens are keeping us up at night.

Humans are meant to sleep in the dark; ocular light disrupts our body from producing natural melatonin to help us sleep. Blue light in particular has been found significantly disruptive to our body’s circadian rhythms. One study even found that blue light is better at waking up people than coffee is in some cases.

On Monday, Apple announced at their “Looping You In” event a new software update feature called Night Shift. Night Shift uses your device clock to determine when the sun sets, and begins lowering blue light on your phone at night, switching to the warmer spectrum. It switches back first thing in the morning.


While some disagree, Apple claims that using Night Switch will lower sleep disruption. That being said, by experience, looking at warmer light in the dark versus bright light in the dark is far less jarring. For any of you iPhone or iPad users out there, download the new software and give it a try. Let us know how it works for you in the comments.

It should be noted, starting at any bright screen right before bed is not a great idea either way.

Main photo courtesy Apple.

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