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Arcade Fire 12″ Limited Release

By: matthew williams

Just when you thought the interactive video for Arcade Fire’s Reflektor was the coolest thing this week, this comes along and steals the show. Take a look at the 12″ limited release of the single.


This isn’t the first time Arcade Fire have put out a taste of what’s in store for fans. A few months before the Suburbs was released, the band put out another 12″ – just with two singles that time.


It had the title track and the Month of May on a very plain looking record. This on the other hand…well you don’t need me to point out how much more elaborate it is.

Other than the fact it’s pretty, there’s two things I’d like to take note of here. The first is on the back. I looked at the clerk in my record store when I saw this track list and frantically started asking him if this was in fact a full album. After tearing it open and listening, I learned the answer was no. But I’m not the only one who was tricked. A friend texted me a while ago and asked “Did they secretly release their record???” But there might be something there. Take a closer look at the fake songs and they look an awful lot like actual titles you would see on an Arcade Fire record.


So, I wouldn’t be surprised if one or more of those end up on their actual release this October. But then again, it could just be parts of the song’s lyrics…

The second thing is what I’m sure is a pretty subtle joke. Remember back to the 2011 Grammies when Arcade Fire won album of the year. No big surprise to their millions of fans. But that lit off a shit-ton of tweets with incredulous people wondering who “The Suburbs” were, and why they had won. Flash forward to today and the name of the band on the side of this release…

I can’t help but think they may be having a little fun here.

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