Arcade Fire Release Statement on Dress Code for Brooklyn Show

'You can wear whatever you want to the show'

Arcade Fire issued a statement late Monday afternoon clarifying a reported dress code for their Everything Now release show set for Brooklyn’s Grand Prospect Hall on Thursday, July 27.

The band’s social media manager for Everything Now Co. took responsibility for the dress code request going out to ticket winners for the show, claiming the band had no knowledge of the rules that stipulated no shorts, no crop tops, no flip flops, no baseball hats, and no red and/or white clothing.

This is just the latest twist in the marketing campaign for Everything Now, which drops this Friday, July 28. The band has issued its own mock review of their own album and filed multiple joking lawsuits claiming ownership over the so-called Millennial Whoop.

Was the dress code SNAFU all part of the campaign? With a social media manager falling on their sword to seemingly save the band face, it appears as though it may have been a legit request. Whatever the case, new music from Arcade Fire arrives Friday and feel free to wear anything you want if you’re attending the Brooklyn show.