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Arcade Fire Share Satirical New Video for ‘Creature Comfort’

Corporate satire seems to be a common theme in Arcade Fire’s marketing for their upcoming album Everything Now. The band recently released a faux cereal ad, as well as a satirical Twitter account called EverythingNowCO.

Their newest music video for “Creature Comfort” holds true to their current marketing strategy. It’s a pop-up video that features satirical facts about the band that continue to get weirder as the video plays on. Some of the facts include:

Before every concert, the members of Arcade Fire stand in a circle and each say one thing they like about capitalism.


Arcade Fire” is an anagram for “Darc Faerie”, Win’s AOL Instant Messenger username in the 1990s.

There’s also a reference to the lyric “god” in the song, which a pop-up fact explains is actually referring to Cthulhu.

There’s also a very annoying “Skip Ad” button on the bottom right corner of the screen that I have to admit is really difficult to not click on. Tomorrow’s date sits at the bottom of the screen, which we can only assume means something new is coming. Watch the full video below.

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