Arcade Fire’s New Website is Just a Bunch of Spam


There’s no question Arcade Fire are big fans, or at the very least nostalgic, for classic Windows operating systems from the early days. Frontman Win Butler even goes by the name DJ Windows 98 for his side projects.

The band launched a sub-section of their website a few weeks back hinting at their forthcoming album’s title track “Everything Now” before the announcement, that was design to mimic a 90s style HTML-based website.

Now that they’ve shared the single and played a couple more songs live, they’ve updated the section of their website with more ‘Infinite Content.’ Spam-like pop-ups take over the screen in a way that is definitely not user friendly. Don’t even bother trying to scroll down their long list of tour dates. We’ll save you the time, since Arcade Fire have announced not one, but two Toronto dates.

Check out the website for yourself.