Are Mumford & Sons Going Hip Hop?

They're not the dusty folk lords you thought they were

The upcoming record from Mumford & Sons won’t have any banjos, but you knew that. What you might not have known is that frontman Marcus Mumford is a big fan of Hip Hop and he’s been learning how to make beats from 88-Keys (who has worked with Jay Z and Kayne).

Marcus said:

“I went to that Kanye gig in London recently, and I grew up listening to Jurassic 5 and Nas. I’ve been getting into that again recently. I’ve been hanging out with an amazing guy called 88-Keys to learn how to chop-up beats. That’s really fun for me. I don’t really care about how we’re seen right now, because I think the story of this band will be a long one. People are always going to say stuff in the moment, but I hope that the arc of the band will be interesting.”

Will there be a Hip Hop vibe to Wilder Mind? That remains to be seen, but it’s intriguing none the less.

Check out the latest release from the upcoming album called “The Wolf” below: