Are These Optical Illusion 3D Paintings Effective Speed-Breakers?

Safe or distracting?

India’s government may implement 3D road drawings to help reduce accidents and speeding. These optical illusions trick drivers into thinking there is a road block ahead, prompting them to slow down.

Nitin Gadkari, Transport Minister of India, announced this plan on Twitter:

According to WHO, more than 231,000 people in India are killed in car crashes each year.

A mother and daughter from Ahmedabad, India painted 3D crossings a few months ago and tested them out on accident-prone highways. They say the goal is “to increase the attention of drivers.”


(Photo by Next Big What)

3D road drawings have been tried out in the U.S., China and a few cities in India — an idea that originated in Philadelphia. Some argue that once drivers are aware they are illusions they will ignore them.

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(Photo courtesy of Feature China via Mashable)