Are you a Netflix Cheater?

"No relationship is safe"

Defined as “watching a TV show ahead of your significant other,” Netflix cheating is an arising problem for many couples in Canada.

In a survey conducted by Netflix, over a third of couples in Canada are streaming behind each other’s backs, 57 per cent say that there’s nothing wrong with watching ahead, and seven per cent say it would be worse than having an actual affair… Yikes!

With binge-worthy Netflix shows like Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, and Narcos, how does one stop themselves from watching “just one more” when their significant other falls asleep?

You’ve only got about 15 seconds before that next episode starts, and in that short amount of time you have to make a serious decision to either let the next episode play, or somehow find the willpower to stop it. Just be ready to face the consequences if you get caught.

Netflix was kind enough to put together some tips and tricks you can try to successfully cheat without being caught, if you’re brave enough to commit the act.

Check out the video below, and find out if you’ve ever been Netflix cheated on.