Arizona man saves woman’s life because ‘The Office’ taught him to perform CPR

He performed chest compressions to the tempo of a Bee Gees track

According to the Arizona Daily Star, watching The Office has really paid off for one fan who saved a woman’s life after learning CPR from one of the show’s most famous scenes.

Mechanic Michael Cross Scott was allegedly test-driving a customer’s car when he saw a white sedan was drifting on the side of the road with its hazard lights on. After the car pulled over, Scott realized that there was a woman slumped over the wheel, so he smashed her car window open with a rock and checked her pulse.

As Scott waited for emergency services to arrive alongside two other women, he climbed on top of the unconscious woman’s chair and began to perform CPR. Apparently, that’s when he remembered the scene from the hit comedy series when Michael Scott sings “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees to get the perfect tempo for chest compressions.

Scott’s CPR worked, and the woman vomited and started breathing before getting taken to the nearest hospital. The Arizona Red Cross noted that Scott’s CPR may have been the difference between the woman’s life and death. “Don’t be afraid to act,” executive director of the Red Cross Southern Arizona chapter Courtney Slanaker explained. “Whatever you do will help that victim and hopefully prevent a death.”