Arkells are hosting ‘Flatten the Curve’ music classes to support social distancing

Every day the band is teaching fans to play their songs

Hamilton rockers Arkells are hosting “Flatten the Curve’ music classes online to encourage fans to practice social distancing, while reinforcing mental well-being through music.

The Arkells have been posting chords to their songs ahead of class time on social media, and frontman Max Kerman then follows-up with a tutorial on Instagram live. Fans can then follow along and even ask questions.

“I try to find the silver lining in all this,” Kerman explained in an interview with CTV. “I’m trying to be very thankful for the people in our government and health care professionals that are working night and day to figure this thing out, and I’ve been trying to keep positive about it all. I really have the belief that if everyone hunkers down here for the next little bit and is well behaved and does the right thing and does what we’re told, we can get on with the fun.”