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Aron D’Alesio (Collective Arts Black Box Session)

You might recognize Aron D’Alesio from his role as the singer-guitarist of Young Rival. He recently released his first solo project after many nights writing and recording late at night in his makeshift basement studio in Hamilton. His self-titled debut LP is described as “a collection of ethereal, imaginative, self-contained songs perhaps best described as bedroom pop, despite their basement origins.”

“The way music works in the context of a band feels really slow, and there’s a sort of process of alienation from what you’re making that happens in that context,” D’Alesio says. “I was feeling increasingly frustrated and unfulfilled by it, but this project was immediately different. I’d go into the studio every night and I wouldn’t walk away until it was done. Normally I’d leave as the sun was coming up, or sometimes I’d just sleep there. I guess I could have tried to figure out something more convenient, but I’m a frugal bastard, and I quite quickly found that between 2 and 6 in the morning was my most productive time. I’d just get going and it was nice to be free from anything that would take me out of it.”

He visited us in the Collective Arts Black Box to perform two songs from the album:

“Diamond Ring”


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