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Arrested Development Creator Announces Season Five and ‘Remixed’ Version of Four

The only thing better than six seasons and a movie is… five seasons and a remix?

Creator of the cult TV show Arrested Development Mitch Hurowitz made a special announcement today on the show’s official Twitter account. Firstly, that a new seasons of AD is coming to Netflix soon, “like real soon” he says.

In a letter posted to Twitter, Hurwitz said there’s more than just news of the fifth seasons of the show. The second big announcement is of a special remixed version of Season four, called Arrested Development Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences.

After Arrested Development was cancelled abruptly in 2006 for poor TV ratings, the show was later picked up for a fourth season by Netflix after it found a cult following in a younger audience. Rather than play out in a linear timeline, Hurwitz and the writers approached the rebooted season differently. Each episode of season four took place over the same timeline, following a different Bluth family member.

The “remixed” version will cut all 15 episodes up from their dedicated characters to be edited similar to how the original series played out. So if you weren’t a fan of the whole Roshoman style of editing the fourth season utilized, this will be good news for you. See the entire letter below:

Oh, and the remixed version comes out this Saturday. Hell yes.

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