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Arrowhead Provincial Park Skating Is The Ultimate Winter Leisure Activity

Where Is Arrowhead Provincial Park?

Arrowhead Provincial Park is in Huntsville, Ontario. It’s one of the most stunning and enjoyable parks in the entire province, especially in the winter. Arrowhead Provincial Park skating is one of the top winter activities you’ll find close to Toronto. However, summer, spring, and fall are also legendary at this at this breathtaking spot in nature.

Pack up the ‘fam and take a quick 2.5 hour trip north to visit this glorious park. Do some carving on the Arrowhead Skating Trail, try snowshoeing, or even skiing. It’s time to conquer your winter bucket list in Ontario!

When Does The Skating Trail Open?

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The skating trail opens for the season usually in January. In 2022, the trail was open to the public on January 4. That’s a good indication of time, generally speaking. However it is wise to keep in mind that the trail will definitely depend on weather.

Make sure to check a reliable source for information before you leave. Further, you can always give them a quick call; they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

How Long Is The Arrowhead Provincial Park Skating Trail?

arrowhead provincial park
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The skating trail at Arrowhead is 1.3 km long, and winds through the thick Muskoka forest. It’s a winter experience like no other. Ontario Parks staff upkeep the entire length of the trail for public skating.

How Long Does It Take?

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The skating trail can take anywhere from half an hour to two hours. It really depends on how fast you skate. Keep in mind that you’ll want to watch out for people who are moving quickly. However, most of the people who are on the trail are there for pure enjoyment.

Regardless of why you’re there, make sure to keep your eyes out for fellow skaters, and please practice safe skating.

Is It Family Friendly?

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Arrowhead Provincial Park is definitely family friendly! In fact, they encourage families from all over to come and enjoy all of the amazing activities that are available at the park.

Fire And Ice Nights

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For an experience like no other, check out the Fire and Ice Nights at the park. Recently named one of the most stunning natural ice skating rings around the world, you don’t want to miss this evening event!

Attendants light the trail with hundreds of tiki torches, and you can skate down as leisurely as you’d like. This night has become very popular over the years. Make sure you come prepared to wait in line for this magical skate under the stars!

Know Before You Go

Where To Stay In The Area

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If you’re going during the summer or spring, you can camp at the park. There are three campgrounds to choose from: Roe, East River, and Lumby. The camping is amazing, and we highly recommend checking it out. 

However, if you’re going in the winter, you’ll want to get a hotel, or check out your options on

Do You Need Tickets In Advance?

Arrowhead can get extremely busy during peak times. If you’re a planner, you can plan ahead by reserving your day use permit up to five days in advance. It’s wise to book ahead, as the spots do fill quickly now that online booking is available.

The cost to book is $21 for an entrance fee or daily vehicle permit. The cost is different for the Fire and Ice Nights, and keep in mind that your skate rentals (if you need them) will be an additional cost.

Best Time To Visit

arrowhead provincial park
Image: @arrowheadprovpark on Instagram

October is one of the best times to visit the park, as the leaves are amazing, and it’s not too cold. However, if you’re into warm weather activities, the best time is from late June to early September.

If you’re looking to get the best of the winter conditions – and specifically enjoy the skating trail – you’ll want to go at the beginning of January.

Enjoy your time at this breathtaking park; we hope you continue to explore and make the most of this beautiful province of Ontario!

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