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Art d’Ecco | Stiegl Hidden Studio Sessions

While living in his ailing grandmother’s cottage in the Gulf Islands, Art d’Ecco hadn’t sought to create a new project. His grandmother’s Alzheimer’s would cause her to experience anxiety and agitation around sunset, and the only thing that eased her symptoms was music. So every night d’Ecco found himself noodling on the piano in the cabin as she sat and listened.

Eventually she moved away, but d’Ecco remained in the empty house where he began writing the songs that would end up on his 2018 album, Trespasser. He relocated to a different cabin, writing new music while immersing himself in the sounds of Deerhunter, David Bowie, and krautrock. “Trespasser is an album about what is, what was, and what could’ve been,” d’Ecco says. “Sometimes you gotta get dark before you find the light.”

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