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Artery Is Like The Airbnb For Pop-Up Shows

Artery is a new online service that allows users to find experiences; attend performances and exhibits in unique places: living rooms, rooftops, stores after closing… the list goes on. Artery can also help you be the host of those very same performances anywhere you choose. Most importantly, it also gives artists a hub for finding spaces to fully manifest their creativity.

Artery How It Works

Created by journalists Salimah Ebrahim & Vladic Ravich, Artery believes that creation is more than content – it’s a connection between people.

“Our mission is to make experiencing creative work better, for everyone involved: the artist, the host and the audience. So we built a platform to connect people who want to go, not just to like. To perform on a stoop or offer walls to a painter. To bring concerts to life on rooftops, to re-imagine everyday spaces, to bring friends and neighbors together to see something good.”

Artery Showcases

The website is currently in beta, but has already had some great showcases over the last few months. Looking to host, perform or attend a performance? Try Artery.

Image courtesy Artery.is

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