Artist creates geek-themed nesting dolls

All of your favourite superheroes within each other

Russian nesting dolls (also known as matryoshka dolls) are wooden dolls of decreasing sizes that fit inside of each other, crafted with bold colours and precise designs.

They were first introduced in 1890 by an artist named Vasily Zvyozdochkin, inspired by a design by painter Sergey Malyutin. Since then, there have been thousands of variations of the dolls worldwide, especially ones specific to certain countries.

Andy Stattmiller, an illustrator from San Francisco has unveiled his own modern twist on the popular dolls, with inspiration from different movies and television shows.

Some of Stattmiller’s designs include characters from The Avengers, Batman, Star Wars, Archie, and even Forrest Gump.

The dolls are unfortunately not for sale at the moment, but they have been spotted at events and charitable auctions on eBay. Regardless, you can still admire them below.

Avengers Nesting Dolls

Hellboy Nesting Dolls

Big Lebowski Nesting Dolls

Archie Nesting Dolls

Pulp Fiction Nesting Dolls

(Photos by Andy Stattmiller via Artist’s Website)