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Artist of the Week: July Talk

Fresh off a Juno weekend in Winnipeg we take a look at the third band ever to grace the airwaves of Indie88.

JulyTalkThe Beginning
It all started at Toronto bar Communist’s Daughter. It was the candle-lit anniversary of the 2003 Southern-Ontario blackout on the Ossington strip. Leah Fay was singing and playing a beat up guitar while others in the bar listened… Peter Dremenais happened to be there as well. The next day Fay’s voice was ringing through Peter’s head, so much so that he started his search to find the mystery lady with the beautiful voice.

The two eventually found each other and July Talk was formed. They expanded their line up, linking up with Ian Docherty (guitars, keys), Josh Warburton (bass) and Dannny Miles (percussion). Lyrics on the first record were written by Peter but the music was a collaboration between both him and Josh. Once the 5 were assembled they started to hone their sound and began to write music collaboratively. After relentless touring they released their self-titled debut record in 2012 (reissued in 2013 with more songs).


The band continues their never-ending tour as the venue size grows with each show. Their live performance continues to impress concert-goers; filled with raw energy and a playful yet violent back and forth between Peter and Leah. Earlier this year on January 18th, Indie88 celebrated our signal increase with the Indie88 Power Party at Lee’s Palace and July Talk were kind enough to perform alongside Stars to the sold out crowd. They’ve went from playing to 21 people at the Casbah in Hamilton to upcoming back to back sold out shows at Lee’s Palace in May.

In 2013 they were nominated for the Best Live Show CBC Bucky Award and earlier this year they were nominated for Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the 2014 Junos. They’ve received a ton of press, most recently a big article in local newspaper Toronto Sun and another in the Winnipeg Sun.

July Talk – July Talk (2012)
July Talk – July Talk (expanded) (2013)


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