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Artist of the Week: Mounties

Mounties The Beginning
Move over Them Crooked Vultures, there’s a new three-piece “supergroup” on the scene. With a name like Mounties you know they’re very Canadian, made up of Hot Hot Heat’s Steve Bays, Limblifter’s Ryan Dahle and Hawksley Workman. The three were first introduced to one another during the 2009 Juno Awards. The three expressed their mutual admiration of each others’ work and declared that sometime in the future they would start a band.

A true Canadian effort, the group came from all across the country to make this work. “Air Canada is upping their Christmas bonuses thanks to Mounties” Workman says. The group features Bays on vocals/keys, Dahle on vocals/guitars/bass and Workman on vocals/drums. Hawksley couldn’t be more excited to finally be a drummer: “I set out on this musical journey to be the drummer in a band, and I became the singer by accident. All of a sudden, I’m doing exactly what it was I always wanted to do. I’m so over-geeked about it.”

Inspired by Hawksley’s basement vinyl collection, the band created their material from lengthy freeform jam sessions. Dahle said “within a day we’ll have about seven 40 minute jams. And within those 40-minute jams, sometimes we have probably 5 songs.”

Being in the studio, the guys didn’t feel the big pressure that can come with being a new band, Bays says, “we’ve always treated this just like a fun thing, its top priority is it being a fun thing. We have all been making our income from other sources so there isn’t that new band pressure, we pay for stuff out of our pockets just because this our favourite thing.”

Eventually after weeks of jamming they had built up a big pile of material. They managed to whittle it down to 14 songs for their debut album Thrash Rock Legacy. What was the reasoning behind the name? “Ryan has a photo of a boat, this dilapidated, super shitty motorboat. You can faintly read that at one point it said Thrasher Rock on the back, back when being into metal was so cool, maybe.” Bays said.

Make sure you catch Mounties at Lee’s Palace for the last stop on their tour April 5th.
Thrash Rock Legacy (2014)


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