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Artist of the Week: Phantogram

Phantogram is top of mind here at Indie88. The group’s 2nd album Voices recently dropped and the duo is stopping by this week for some in-studio fun. To top it off, they’ll be performing at the Mod Club Saturday night for a sold out show. For all of those reasons, they’ve been slotted as our Artist of the Week.

The Beginning
Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel have been friends and even musically collaborated since junior high, but initially pursued different opportunities. Sarah came back home after going for an arts degree, and Josh returned as well after trying to make it in his band Grand Habit. Being back in the same place, the two came together to work on music again. They eventually started a band calling themselves Charlie Everywhere until signing with BBE in 2009 when they changed their name to Phantogram, inspired by the optical illusion where two-dimensional images appear 3D. That year they released their debut record Eyelid Movies. The two collaborated with Outkast’s Big Boi on his second album and also appeared on the Flaming Lips record, The Terror. They released 3 EPs before their sophomore album Voices came out last week.


In their young career, Phantogram has managed to share the stage with Metric, Beach House, The XX, Rah Rah Riot, Yeasayer, and more. They’ve been included on massive festival bills like Coachella, Sasquatch, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza. They’ve impacted the late night talk show scene, performing on both Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel’s shows. They’ve also been a part of TV and movie soundtracks for flicks like Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Pitch Perfect and Shameless.

Eyelid Movies (2009)
Phantogram EP (2009)
Running From the Cops EP (2009)
The Night Life EP (2011)
Voices (2014)

Mouthful of Diamons, Eyelid Movies

As Far As I Can See, Eyelid Movies

Fall In Love, Voices

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