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Artist of the Week: Sam Roberts Band

With their sixth LP Lo-Fantasy coming out today, Sam Roberts Band has been a Canadian music staple for over a decade.
The Beginning
Born and raised in Quebec, Sam Roberts started getting serious about his music at the age of 19, creating a band known as William. The group continued to make music for a few years before changing their name to Northstar in 1996. Northstar started to gain notice throughout their local scene but could never push through to get recognized on a national scale. They disbanded in 1999 without an album to their name, and band mate George Donoso went on to achieve indie rock success in a little band called the Dears. After Northstar, Sam struggled for a few years before recording his breakthrough EP The Inhuman Condition, in 2001. sam-roberts-canadaThis collection of songs would gain Roberts significant awareness in the music industry with help coming from its two singles “Brother Down” and “Don’t Walk Away Eileen”. It had Universal music so interested, they inked him to a record deal. Since then Sam Roberts Band has released 5 more albums together including the brand new Lo-Fantasy.
In 2003 SRB was nominated for 2 Juno awards; Single and New Artist of the Year, but failed to pick up either. Sam Roberts Band would get their revenge the following year, taking home all 3 of the Junos they was nominated for, including the prestigious Album of the Year. In 2008 their 3rd album Love at the End of the World, debuted at #1 on the Canadian Albums Chart and managed to pick them 2 more Junos, Rock Album and Artist of the year. SRB continues to gain momentum as they release their sixth studio album, Lo-Fantasy, today (February 11, 2014).
The Inhuman Condition (2001)
We Were Born in a Flame (2003)
Chemical City (2006)
Love at the End of the World (2008)
Collider (2011)
Lo Fantasy (2014)
“We’re All in This Together”, Lo Fantasy

I Feel You, Collider

Brother Down, The Inhuman Condition

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